New Submission Deadline: January 15, 2016
Considering the great number of requests from participants, the Scientific Program Committee has decided to receive abstract submissions for Oral/Poster presenters, Symposium speakers, and Thematic Session speakers until January 15, 2016 (24:00, Japan Standard Time).
*Please note that feedback on the review results of abstracts submitted after December 1, 2015, will not be sent until mid-March, 2016.
Requests from the program committee
We expect a very high number of submissions between November and December 1, 2015, especially during the last hours before the submission deadline. During that time, the large amount of traffic on the congress web server may potentially result in difficulties or delays in accessing the submission webpage. We strongly encourage you to leave plenty of time for your submission.
We have launched a new presentation category, “Thematic Sessions”, where researchers talk and intensively discuss a single important theme in psychology and related fields. Different from Contributed Symposium, a thematic session can be composed of speakers all from the same country. The deadline of abstract (proposal) submission for thematic session organizers is October 1st, 2015, 24:00 Japan Standard Time. Please see Call for Abstracts for details about the submission procedure.
The system modification has been completed.
As indicated in the right-side column of this page, tThe general flow of the process for Registration & Abstract Submission has changed. Now you can submit your abstract before or after registration and payment. If you would prefer to pay after receiving notification of abstract acceptance, you are required to pay the registration fee by April 1, 2016 in order for your presentation to be included in the program. Please note that the registration fee will increase from December 2, 2015. If you have completed payment but wish to cancel your attendance due to non-acceptance of your abstract, you will be fully refunded if you directly inform the ICP2016 office of your intention to withdraw by email ( within a month of receiving notification of non-acceptance.
Modification of the Registration & Submission System
In order to improve convenience, the ICP2016 Organizing Committee has decided to modify the Registration & Submission System in the second half of August, 2015. After that, you can pay the registration fee either at the time of abstract submission or after the notification of abstract acceptance. If you prefer to pay the registration fee at the time of the abstract submission, please register now using the present system. If you prefer paying after the notification of abstract acceptance, please wait until the next announcement, then access the Registration & Submission System. We appreciate your kind understanding.
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All abstract submissions closed.
The deadline for all abstract submissions for oral and poster presentation, contributed and invited symposium speakers, and thematic session speakers has been extended to January 15, 2016 (24:00, JST).
Abstract submission for thematic sessions organizers closed.
JTB (The Japan Tourist Bureau) Hotel Information started.
The deadline (October 1st, 2015, 24:00 JST) for abstract submission for thematic sessions organizers is approaching.
A new presentation category, “Thematic Sessions”, is now open. The deadline of abstract (proposal) submission for thematic session organizers is October 1st, 2015, 24:00 JST. The abstracts of thematic session speakers can be submitted after the organizer's abstract (proposal) is reviewed and accepted. The deadline for the abstracts of thematic session speakers is December 1st, 2015, 24:00 JST.
The results of all applications for Emerging Psychologists' Program have been sent out.
Abstract submission for contributed symposium organizers closed.
The general flow of the Registration & Submission has been modified.
IMPORTANT NOTICE posted for all presenters accepted by Early Review
The link to ACHP2016 is now available.
Registration & Abstract Submission Started!
Application for Emerging Psychologists' Program closed.
Early Review Notice is uploaded.
Call for Abstracts is updated.
Call for Abstracts is updated.
Abstract submission for EARLY REVIEW closed.
Application Form for Emerging Psychologists' Program is now available.
The official Twitter of ICP2016 is now opened:
Call for the 2016 awards nominations
Information on ICP2016 Public Lectures is uploaded.
Presentation introducing ICP2016 is updated.
Abstract Submission for EARLY REVIEW opens.
More than 1300 participants visited ICP2016 Booth opened at ICAP2014 in Paris.
The second announcement is now available!
Important dates, Programs & Call for Abstracts have been updated.
The official Facebook page of ICP2016 is now opened:
Promotion Logo and Slide are now available.
Topic Category List is updated.
Message from the IUPsyS President is posted.
Handover Ceremony from ICP2012 to ICP2016 has been successfully completed.
Presentation introducing ICP2016 by the President, Kazuo Shigemasu is available.
Information for the researchers invited to join the Scientific Program Committee of the ICP2016 is uploaded.
The first announcement and/or the poster are now available for download.
Congress Theme and Topic Category List are now available.
The Japanese Society for Animal Psychology opens the symposium entitled "Contributions of Japanese animal psychologists to ICP2016."
ICP2016 website updated.
Information on Group Tour for ICP2012 is uploaded.
Message from ICP2012 President is now available.
The Results of ICP2016 Logo Contest is uploaded.
A world-widely famous creator of visual illusions, Akiyoshi Kitaoka opens "ICP2016 Informal Illusion Designs".
The first meeting of the ICP2016 Organizing Committee was held at the Nihon University on September 17, 2011. Pictures
A new address from the President of ICP2016 is uploaded in ABOUT US.
SCHEDULE, ABOUT US, ABOUT JAPAN, WHAT'S NEW pages are now available.
A Message from the Organizing Committee of ICP2016
ICP2016 website open.

Registration & Abstract Submission Started!

General Flow (Modified)

Please read the information on the following pages in advance.

  • *   Those who has completed the payment and wish to cancel their attendance because their abstract is not accepted will be fully refunded if they directly inform the ICP2016 office of their intention to withdraw by email ( within a month of the notification.
  • ** You can start the abstract submission anytime with your ID, password (and symposium key). Please well prepare your abstract before submission, since you must restart the submission if you interrupt it before the "SUBMIT" button is pressed.
  • ***Hotel booking will be also available on this page from the second half of September, 2015.

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